Hello. My name is Mate Zdilar. I was born in 1987, in Split, Croatia. During my childhood at small dalmatian town named Imotski, I have found my talents through education and definetly decided I would study “design”. Six years after finishing High school, I have graduated graphic design at Faculty of Graphic arts, Zagreb, Croatia.

During my working experience I have specialised at Visual Identity design, Branding, Packaging and others. My huge passions and interests are also copywritting, illustration and product design.

I try my best to make great things, pleasant design while transfering my toughts and creativity into visible form. I am always ready for exciting and challeging new projects that will enrich my knowledge and experience, and above all – to make client satisfied. It’s a greatest gift to be a part of creation, to design something worth, meaningful, to work with diverse people and within interesting situations, to conquer the odds…

Feel free to contact me. 🙂